Online contests are very much in fashion today. All those contests that were carried out offline have taken a new shape in the form of online contests and over the time this entire concept has become very popular. Online contests are very straightforward and easy-going. Since they are carried out over the internet, the voting too is done on the internet by all the viewers who follow these online contests.

The availability of online voting has become very widespread these days. Online voting, or so it is addressed, e-voting, is opted not only for the purpose of online contests but for various other ideas as well. Thus, online voting too comes with its own pros and cons.

Following listed are the pros as well as cons of online voting.

Pros of online voting:

  • Online voting is convenient:

The concept of online voting is more convenient than any other form of voting existing in the world today. You are merely required to have an internet connection and an access to the same. Online voting doesn’t cost you the formality of visiting a poll particularly and then to vote in any contest. You can simply vote by the way of visiting on the concerned website of the contest and then clicking for the vote there. Thus, online voting cuts off all kinds of unnecessary chores such as transportation, time, energy, money, etc.

  • Online voting results in increased efficiency and accuracy: 

Online voting holds all the potential to come out to be more efficient as well as accurate in nature. Unlike the offline procedure of voting, the online procedure of voting is more apt and to the point. Moreover, it is always very convenient to calculate online votes over the votes that have been added offline.

  • Online voting is eco-friendly:

Another plus point of online voting is that this entire concept is very eco-friendly in nature. The involvement of papers in the context of online voting is zero. Whatever happens, happens on to the screen. Thus, this whole process helps to save the paper, and eventually saves our environment.

  • Turnout:

The process of online voting gives a good deal of turnout if the same is compared with the process of offline voting. Thus, this makes the concept of online voting more preferable to both the parties involved in the process.

Cons of online voting:

  • Tampering:

One of the biggest cons that is associated with the process of online voting is the tampering of the votes. Many times, the votes during online voting are tampered which is very unjust and unfair in nature. All the savvy hackers easily find the way out to hack the votes and tamper with them.

  • Disenfranchisement:

Many times, various methods involving a lot of cheating are used while voting online for various online contests. Thus, this element intrudes with the honest concept of the online contest and result in unfairness and cheating in terms of the overall calculation of the vote. This process also loses all those voters who do not have computer systems.

Despite of the various cons, the pros of online voting makes it a preferable mode of voting in the present times.

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