Online contests have become a flavor of the season and winning these contests is exactly what all the contestants hope for. The competition in these online contests has become very stringent and tough today. A growing number of people are participating into the online contests and standing out in such competitions has become pretty difficult. Thus, it is very important for you to plan out strategies before opting for any online contest so that the winning becomes an easy job for you.

Today, certain strategies are adopted by a number of contestants in the online contests which is helping them to win the competition they are in. You need to know your competitors and judge all their skills. Alongside, you also need to know the pattern using which you can showcase all your skills in order to beat all your competitors by an easy win.

Following are the five effective ways using which you can multiply your votes to win any contest online:


  1. Facebook Pages:

You can make a Facebook page and state your skills. You are further required to enhance the page by making the use of the pictures which highlight your talent. You must also not forget to include the link where all your Facebook friends, as well as acquaintances, could vote for you and ask their friends to vote for you as well. Once all your friends end up liking the page, you can easily use this strategy to promote your talent and to accumulate enough votes for the same. Various big and small brands also make the use of the same strategy while contesting themselves in the online contests.

  1. Facebook Groups:

Apart from Facebook pages, Facebook groups, too can help you to gather enough votes for your online contest. You are merely required to create a Facebook groups and to further add all your friends and relatives into the same. By creating a group, you would be able to reach a greater number of people. You can make various appeals to all your kith and kin to gather enough votes for your respective contest.

  1. Vote exchange sites:

One of the most successful means using which you can accumulate a great number of votes for your online contest is to register yourself to the voting exchange sites. There are various websites on the internet using which you can collect various figures of votes by buying them from these sites. The mechanism of these websites help you collect a large number of votes as compared to the other methods and hence you can simply buy out the votes to win the contest for yourself.

     4. Question-Answer Website:

You can make the use of several Question-Answer websites such as Quora or Yahoo to post your request of voting for you in an online contest. Once the people view it, they can easily vote for you.

  1. Twitter:

Like all the other social media platforms, you can take Twitter into use and can appeal for the votes for your contest. Twitter is one popular platform where you can request votes from all your respective followers. You can also add the link of the contest on to your Twitter profile to make it more accessible.

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