Getting a reach on Facebook organically is next to impossible undoubtedly. Facebook advertising can be very effective in obtaining the expected reach even though they are expensive. Running a successful Facebook application vote contest is equally effective. Proposing and executing these contests will help in achieving optimal results and gaining additional likes for the facebook page.

Facebook application votes:

Social media marketers have aspirations to attract audiences. These platforms provide a ready and willing audience that can engage with in fun and innovative ways like facebook contests. These contest that depends on the number of votes that the candidate has won. This will help in attracting new audiences as well as engaging with the existing ones. Campaigns held by these social platforms are the best way to building brand awareness and improving brand loyalty. A strategic approach is created to define their target market by figuring out to whom your products are optimized for. By determining a time frame for your contest you can decide on the specific group of people who are excited about your products and services. Social media platforms conduct a contest with interactive questions, plan for a giveaway and announce the winner which nurtures the relationship with the consumers by publishing the contest with a quality content that grabs leader’s attention than a static content.


To support your business goals and an effective way to capture attention can be achieved by engaging in a Facebook contest. There is no chance of fraudulence as every buyer is voted with unique email and IDs and not by any machine. It is a marketing strategy to increase the engagement of the target audience and boosting the exposure of the page. It bridges the gap between attracting customers and a bang on success for your business. This process of marketing strategy is a hit for your business when a careful planning and promotion is undergone.

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